Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eagles - Giants Diary: Did That Really Just Happen?

The Giants win the toss and get it back to the 30; short kick and good blocking for Blue. RB Brandon Jacobs dances for a yard with holding; that's good all over. First and 20 is Jacobs again for two, and the Green run defense looks good so far, with MLB Jamar Cheney making the stop. QB Eli Manning misses WR Mario Manningham on a fly against CB Asante Samuel, and while it was close, it was also nearly picked. 3rd and 18 from the gun sees Manning miss Manningham again, and that's a tidy three and out. Samuel doesn't quite look as quick as necessary, but any three and out is a good one. PR Jeremy Maclin gets nothing after a 49 yard punt from rookie P Matt Dodge, and Green will start at their own 29.

With everyone looking for a big play on first, Vick can't get it to WR DeSean Jackson, and takes a shot for his trouble. On second from the gun, Vick scrambles and throws back across his body for a pick; bad patience, bad OL execution, and the ball is returned to the Green 42. Woof. Really bad start to the game for the offense, which is rare this year.

Manning finally gets a ball to Manningham for six yards. They do the same thing with WR Hakeem Nicks for the first. Manning takes a terrible sack that takes Blue out of figgie position, and LB Moises Fokou makes a monster play there. The drive ends with a Blue punt.

Green's drive begins with an out to Maclin, and then a big run from RB Shady McCoy to near midfield. Two middling runs sets up third and four, and Vick from the gun has an easy one to McCoy batted down by DE Jason Pierre-Paul. Big play from Blue there, and the punt from Sav Rocca is muffed forward, missed by a half dozen players, and recovered by Blue. Dammit, that would have been huge. We're halfway through the first, and neither offense is looking very comfortable.

A give to RB Ahmad Bradshaw is caved in by Fokou for a loss of four. This might already be Fokou's best game as a pro. They try it from the gun on second, and Cheney stops it after a three yard gain. Third and 11 is a big chance to get off the field fresh, and Manning from the gun ruins that by connecting with Nicks for 22. That's huge, and the replay shows movement, but the flag doesn't come out. Bradshaw for three yards on a short dump and crush. Manning goes to Nicks, who drops a floating easy one; was wide open on CB Dmitri Patterson. Third and seven is another big deal, and Manning from the gun gets pressured despite a 3-man rush, and hits Maningham on the sideline out for the first. Woof. Bradshaw loses three on a crush job from DE Juqua Parker; the line is doing the job so far. Bradshaw gets six up the middle on Blue's best run of the game. Another big third and down, this one in figgie range, and Manning connects with Manningham for an apparent touchdown. Post-whistle fight ensues, and the touchdown stands. So much for Samuel helping the secondary; the line got to the QB again, but Patterson whiffed on the stop and go, and it's Blue 7, Green 0. Very frustrating drive; the defense was better on many plays, but never on third.

Short kick to KR Jorrick Calvin is given to WR Riley Cooper on mild trickey; no real advantage gained. The offense has really got to get going here; so far, Vick is 1 for 4 for 5 yards and a pick on two possessions. From the gun on first, he gives it to McCoy, who only gets a yard. Fox replay shows that Blue's Chris Snee is a dirtbag; shocking. Vick takes a checkdown to RB Jerome Harrison for six yards, as it looks like he's getting a little tentative on the downfield throws. Third and three is an out to WR Jason Avant, who can't bring it down, and that is a three and out. Not Helpful. Rocca's punt goes out of bounds at the Blue 30; meh. This day is going very badly so far, on a lot of levels.

As Joe Buck pimps the lack of Blue running, Jacobs gets a dozen yards on an easy run, like I couldn't predict that coming. Have I mentioned how much I hate the Fox announcing team? Manning misses an open TE Kevin Boss on a wild high throw; the TE could have gotten that. Nicks gets two as Patterson handles the bubble screen. Third and eight sees Manning's ball tipped at the line by DE Darryl Tapp, and S Quentin Mikell collects it for a great pick. Green ball at the Blue 45, and Eli is bent. Aw, my heart bleeds.

Vick scrambles left, gets a bunch, and 15 is added on a clear late hit that Blue Fan hates. That's the quarter, and the second will begin with Green at the Blue 19.

Vick has time and McCoy for five. The RB gets it again, but only a yard up the middle, as S Antrell Rolle comes up in coverage nicely. Third and four from the gun sees a Blue blitz that's totally unprepared for, and the sack sets up K David Akers from 34. He squeezes it in, and it's Giants 7, Eagles 3. Not very impressive offense on third down especially, so far.

Akers to the six, and KR/RB DJ Ware gets it to the 26; the K is not quite getting it to the end zone today. Bradshaw for five to the right, and the running game is looking worrisomely better for Blue now. He does it again for the first, with lots of room now. They do it again for nine, and this is the game I was worried I'd see. Manning to FB Travis Beckum for the first, and they are in Green's side of the field now. Slow play to Jacobs gets a yard. Time of possession is 2-to-1 Blue as Jacobs loses three on a run blitz; he was almost clear for a lot on that one. Third and 12 is a figgie or more down, and Manning from the gun hits Nicks (of course) for the conversion. That's 15 yards and yet another monster third down conversion; the Eagles can't win this game if they can't get off the field on those plays. Manning to Manningham, the corner slips, and that's a touchdown. Horrible play by Patterson, and the worrisome Green secondary is showing up small. 14-3 Blue with 8:17 left in the second quarter, and if Vick doesn't turn things around in a hurry, this game is going to get out of hand.

Calvin to the 26 to start things. McCoy for four. Vick from the gun to Maclin for five, as the QB throws away from an obvious edge blitz. Third and one from the gun sees Vick keep it for a nine yard run, and the first Green conversion; DE Justin Tuck with the borderline hit. Harrison for three. Vick from the gun on second and seven goes for a McCoy screen that's over before it begins; loss of one. Third and seven with five minutes left in the quarter sees the QB from the gun with time from a blitz, but he runs right into Tuck for a resounding sack. The QB leaves limping, and that's just bad all over. Rocca's punt comes back for a 23-yard punt, a season-long for Blackmon. With 4:11 left in the half, there is officially nothing encouraging about this day right now. Oh, and my fantasy teams are flatlining, with four out of five starters shut out so far. Joy all over.

Manning to Nicks, who drops on pressure from Patterson. Jacobs for two on second and ten, setting up another back-breaking third down conversion from Manning. I wrote that before the play actually happened, such was my level of confidence, and from the gun the QB chooses WR Derrick Hagan for 16. I can pretty much shut this game and diary down, unless Blue makes a mistake.

Jacobs for four, lots of room now. Manning tries a terrible idea to Nicks, and Patterson drops what should have been a pick. Third and six for a figgie at least -- more given how bad the red zone D is -- is a screen to Bradshaw, cotton soft easy. That's the two minute warning, and the next play that the Green defense makes on third down will be the first, right?

First down is a give to Bradshaw, who hurdles for four. An out to Hagan is another first, and at this point, I'm just hoping that Blue gets something to Boss, who I own in a fantasy league; that's how little hope I've got for this game. Of course, I don't have much hope for that team, either. From the gun, Manning takes Manningham for four yards, and it's another post-whistle fight. S Nate Allen is down, and Manningham is hopping; this game just keeps getting better. After the commerce, Manningham is OK and Allen is not; he's carted off with a knee problem, and we can pretty much stick a fork in this season. Second and six from the gun is Manningham for three yards. Seven of eight third down conversions? Nope, because Manning tried Boss, aka the only Blue weapon that can't come up big today. K Lawrence Tynes connects from 25, and it's Blue 17, Green 3 with 48 seconds left in the half. The Eagles have two timeouts left as Troy Aikman fellates a defense that has been atrocious on third down. Someone hit him in the head again, please.

Calvin gets crushed at his own 17; woof. From the gun on first, Vick makes one blitzer miss and gains two ugly yards; clock runs. Maclin catches the ball, then fumbles, and it's disaster all over. How the Eagles don't call time on the Vick scramble, or how this isn't an incomplete given how the ball was moving... oh, what the hell. Reid has to call time to force the booth review, and Buck is clearly lobbying for the play to stand, despite the fact that it will mean a blowout game. With nine seconds left in the half, this is the difference between at least 3 Blue points, if not 7. Fox now going for the incomplete overturn, but it stands as called. Why the hell not, really? Why the hell not.

Two timeouts for Blue gives them a shot at seven. Manning from the gun goes to Nicks for the easy out and touchdown, and we can pretty much end the idea that Patterson can play football at a high level. It's Blue 24, Green 3, and if Reid wants to run the white flag and play QB Kevin Kolb in the second half and just run it, that might be a better idea. Along with releasing Patterson.

Cooper returns a pop up kick, and Vick takes a knee to avoid another sack, and that's the half. Four first downs in the first half for the best offense in the league, and it just feels like a finesse team being exposed here.

Starting the third, Calvin to the 27; Allen won't return. Vick with time but no interest to the WRs; McCoy for four. Second down pass is batted down, and terrible body language from the Green offense. Third and six is more or less the game, and from the gun, Vick has a long checkdown, a fake to the inside handoff, and a jailbreak sack for Tuck. This team has quit, so why haven't I? Rocca's punt is taken back to the Blue 40. This one's over.

Jacobs for a yard, as DE Trent Cole still cares. Manning from the gun gives to Bradshaw for 8, as the RBs start to run through disinterest. Third and one is a give to Bradshaw, and the defense eats it. Surprising. Three and out for Blue, and the Hodge punt is fair caught by Calvin at his own 8.

McCoy for 11, followed by post-whistle fight #5. These never get tiresome. Vick slips while giving to Shady for three. Vick to FB Owen Schmitt for six yards, but this play never happened due to an illegal formation. Even on the plays Vick completes, it looks bad. Second and 11 sees Shady fight through contact to get five yards. Clock's running, which is the trouble when you can't pass the ball worth a damn. Third and six has Vick connect with Avant for 18 and a first, as the line does the job and the ball is delivered well. Wonder of wonders. A screen to McCoy gets five as C Matt McGyln whiffs on a block. From the gun on second, McCoy goes for 12, and it's in Blue's side of the field. From the gun, Vick gives to McCoy for positive yards, but the play comes back on a Cursed Celek hold. No catches for DJ; thanks for noticing, Fox. A laser to Maclin for five, into double coverage; nice catch by the WR. Second and 15 is a Blue blitz and miss to Maclin; it just seems like any time Blue blitzes, it works. Third and 15 from the gun with 21 minutes left is pretty much do or die; Vick has time, but misses Avant high, and the WR wasn't open anyway. Rocca's punt is downed at the 15 with post-touch silliness. A flag for an illegal touch ruins that, too, so Blue gets it at their own 16.

S Kurt Coleman with a nice stop on Bradshaw for a two yard loss. Manning hits Manningham on a cross, and the WR inexplicably fumbles it; wow, what a mistake. Replay might overturn it, because we have all day to look at it, given that it's a Blue mistake... but Green snaps it finally at the 25.

Vick for 13 on a scramble. From the gun on first, he takes Avant for four yards. Blue blitzes, and for once, it's picked up, as Maclin slips open on a throwback cross for the touchdown. There was no one near him at all, and we might have a ball game after all. Giants 24, Eagles 10.

Akers to the 8, and Ware runs through a lot to the 34; not helpful. Jacobs drops an easy screen as Blue Fan starts to get antsy. Nicks takes 11 on an easy slant, and Sims and Coleman knock each other out. Gosh, that's helpful, especially with Allen out. Jacobs for no gain; 18 minutes left. Manning with all day, but Sims knocks down a try for Jacobs. Third and 10 from the gun is a blitz and toss to Hagan, and Samuel wrestles him down a yard before the sticks. Dodge's punt is taken by Calvin to the 26, and it's a game, I guess.

Vick to rookie TE Clay Harbor, who falls down and rolls for four yards. 16 minutes left. Vick to DJ for 8, and that's his first catch of the day, and a first down. McCoy for two as Blue blitzes; telling. End of three quarters, and it's 24-10 Giants, but with small green shoots of hope. I guess.

False start on Cursed Celek. Second and 13 is batted down, as the Blue pressure is dialed up at will. Third and long is a big damned deal, and Vick from the gun goes for Maclin deep, but the ball is underthrown; would have been six with a deeper ball, but the defensive line pressure prevents anything like that from happening. Rocca's punt ends with violence and 49 yards of field position change. Had the ball to Maclin just been longer, this would be a very, very different game right now. Sigh.

Manning to Boss, who gallops for 36 yards as Patterson falls again. Woof. Bradshaw for five as Blue just needs to avoid turnovers at this point. Manning's pass is tipped, and Manningham can't bring it in; nice play by Fokou. Manning gets pressure and throws it away, and that's the end of the drive, as the Dodge punt just leaks into the end zone.

Under 13 minutes left and 80 yards to go to make things interesting. Vick gets it to DJ for 30-plus yards, but the WR loses it as he goes to ground, and it's ruled a fumble. It looks like it should be overturned, as he's clearly touched on the way to the ground. Reid needs to challenge... and somehow does not. Holy crap. Holy freaking crap, Andy, you bloated sack of garbage, how do you not challenge there?

Jacobs for five. Manning to Boss for fifteen, as Fox shows us the replay that we'll be seeing for the rest of the day. Unreal. Jacobs for seven, and this one is beyond over at this point; Fight #7 happens, which never gets tiresome. Toss to Bradshaw, stopped by Sims for three. Third and two with under 11 minutes left, so Manning from the gun draws Cheney on an offsides. Just a horror day of mistakes for Green, really.

Jacobs for a few; Fight #8. Nine minutes left. Jacobs for a few more. Third and four as Aikman tries to excuse Reid; no, that won't wash. From the gun, Manning to Boss for the clinching touchdown, and it only took three quarters for Blue to remember that Green can't cover the TE. Giants 31, Eagles 10, a four TD day for Manning.

Calvin to the 25, and we're into Stat Padding Time. Vick from the gun to Maclin for 10, then hits Cursed Celek for a touchdown. Whiffed tackle and coverage, and even the Cursed One can get in when the WRs block like that. 65 yard score to cut it back to 14 with 7:28 left, and while I'd love to have hope for the miracle... well, the defense is still the defense...

But somehow Blue sleeps on an onside kick try, and Akers does it perfectly, with Cooper collecting it easily. Wow, that should never be that easy. Green ball at their own 43.

From the gun, Vick hits DJ, who jitters for 13 and a first. Vick somehow escapes a jailbreak sack and goes for huge yards up the middle, and that's just unreal. 35 yard run. With six minutes left, Vick misses DJ at the pylon on pressure. Second and goal from the gun has Vick keep it and go down for a loss. The flag is on Blue for offsides, which helps a ton. From the gun on second, Vick's pass is knocked down, fourth time today; I'd like to see McCoy in the backfield here, please. Third and goal from the gun is a Vick QB draw, and that goes for a score. Wow, what a Blue collapse in the last few minutes, and what a save for Vick's fantasy owners. Akers hits the PAT, and it's 31-24 with 5:28 left. What a turnaround, and I never tire of Angry Tom Coughlin.

Akers to the 10 on a hop, and Ware takes it back to the 35. The defense needs to come up with a stop here. No, really. Manning on a back shoulder to Manningham; perfect and a first. Bradshaw for seven and into Green territory with under five to go, and I'm not liking the defense's chances of giving the offense one last shot. Bradshaw for two, and the defense takes their first timeout. Third and a yard is a very big play; no, really. From the gun is an odd choice, but the long slow toss to Bradshaw gets the distance, and that's another back-breaking third down conversion. Four minutes left.

Bradshaw for a few to the left as the Eagles use their last timeout. Blue moves to make things a little brighter. From the gun on 2nd and 11, Coughlin stays conservative with a Bradshaw give for two. Third and nine with the clock running and the game on the line. Manning from the gun is blitzed, and has to throw it away; the game will continue. Coleman with the heat, and Eli is furious with his WRs for not breaking off the pattern. Dodge's punt is caught by Maclin at his 12, and Green has three minutes and 88 yards to go to force as unlikely an overtime as you have ever seen.

From the gun on first, Vick has time and an open Celek, but the pass is low and away; dammit, that could have been an awful lot of yards. Second and 10 from the gun sees Vick miss DJ short under pressure. 2:50 left, not that the clock matters that much now. From the gun, Vick goes left and gains the corner for a 33 yard run, and that's just immense. How he can be that quick at this stage of the game, after so many hits... yeesh. Vick aborts a telegraphed screen, and takes Avant for 13 and a first. From the gun, Pierre-Paul bats down another ball. Second and 10 from the gun with 2:07 left sees Vick react to a blitz with a run up the gut for another huge gain; this one is 22, and gets the ball to the Giants 20 yard line at the two minute warning. The QB now has 130 yards on 10 carries, and the timeout right now seems like a huge break for Blue, seeing how Mutant QB is just faster than anyone else on the field right now. Wow.

Vick to Celek for seven yards over the middle. Plenty of time at this point, really; 90 seconds left. From the gun, Vick hits Maclin, who spins the CB into a ball and walks into the end zone. Great block by McCoy, and in the last six minutes, the Eagles have scored 21 unaswered to tie it. Akers does the honors... and did Green leave too much time on the clock?

Blue with three timeouts and 76 seconds on the clock, with Akers not doing much on distance. An onside kick would be Pure Balls and Crazy... and no, that doesn't happen. Ware on yet another poor kick gets it to the Blue 37; Not Helpful At All.

Manning has time, but misses Hagan as a blitz doesn't quite get there. From the gun on second, Manning misses Boss and is nearly picked by Mikell. Damn, that was close. Third and 10 is massive, and Manning is sacked, finally, by DE Trevor Laws. Since the Eagles have no timeouts left, this is not the worst outcome for Blue, but Dodge has to punt with 14 seconds left, and DJ back, for the first time today, to return it.

And... oh. My. God.

Dodge's punt is a line drive. DJ fumbles it, then goes up the middle, straight up the gut, getting a massive block. He dawdles on the goal line for fun, then throws the ball into the stands as everyone in Philadelphia goes crazy. Coughlin chews out Dodge, Giants Fan throws up in his mouth, then spits it up into the face of the guy that's throwing up next to him.

Fox plays the Herman Edwards footage. I'd compare it to the Brian Westbrook steal, too. And there are no words, really. I just laughed at my screen for a solid minute, and was heard by everyone in my house after working the game in professional silence for three hours.

Good God.


There are no words. Other than pure sheepishness for thinking this was over, and integrity in keeping the diary the way it is.

And as I'm trying to finish the diary, the NY HD feed that I'm watching asks me to texxt a vote for Giants Player of the Game. Might I suggest Dodge?

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Scoremore said...

Okay, I’m sorry, but if they didn’t order a punt out of bounds there, Coughlin is an idiot. Much better to have one throw from the other 45 than DeSean Jackson running back a punt.

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