Sunday, December 5, 2010

NFL Week 13 - Top 10 Ad Questions

10) Why are the terrifying Terminator-esque snowmen getting approved for cell phone plans, given their lack of mailing address, currency or mouths... or is it that if I get a Droid, I make myself a target for icy death?

9) Does associating their trucks with donuts and wrestlers really help Ford sell vehicles?

8) Why is Philips Norelco pitching electric razors to SIMS models with TSA scanning technology?

7) I realize it's tradition and all, but why should I care what kind of horse a beer-maker uses to pull its wagons?

6) With the Beatles now on iTunes, will the service move towards music made in the last 40 years?

5) Why would I want to have any consumer choice in common with men who fantasize hot women into Adrian Peterson?

4) Why are the guys in the Viagra ad alone and living a world devoid of color, rather than, you know, in situations where the pills could be of conventional use?

3) Do I really want to eat fast food that turns my voice into that of a prepubescent boy?

2) Does Acura, aka an overpriced Honda, really want people to associate their product with joyless rich losers that have no idea how to spend their money?

1) If I win a trip to the Super Bowl for life from Visa, do I have to turn into a strange shriveled prune who seems to want to die at the game?

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