Sunday, December 5, 2010

NFL Week 13 - Top 10 Takeaways

10) Brett Favre's leadership is so great that the Vikings had their best win of the year when he was knocked out of the game

9) The game is so much safer for WRs now that defensive players have been forced by fines to dive at their knees

8) No one appreciates a QB throwing the ball away on third down more than an old NFL color commentator

7) Between the frequent bus travel, recycling of spent people, and their willingness to conserve energy by quitting, the Redskins may be the NFL's most eco-friendly team

6) The only people who are still impressed by the Wildcat are the Miami Dolphins and play by play announcers

5) We finally found a man who could stop Chris Johnson -- his QB

4) Every team in the NFL, save for the Dolphins, enjoys playing in Miami

3) The worst special teams unit in NFL history plays in San Diego

2) Fox's Joe Buck kind of gave away his desire to slob Peyton Manning's knob with his call of "What a throw... and it's intercepted"

1) While watching Donovan McNabb turn the ball over like an old man who has never played football before with the Redskins is depressing, it's not nearly as depressing as the most realistic alternative

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