Sunday, December 19, 2010

NFL Week 15: Top Ten Takeaways

10) It only took the Bengals four months to figure out that they win by running the ball, and having less Terrell Owens in their lives

9) The Cowboys nearly lost to Rex Grossman, and the Redskins actually lost to Jon Kitna

8) Houston took a very big step towards finally getting rid of Gary Kubiak

8) In a shocking development, the Colts took control of the AFC South behind a big day from Peyton Man.... zzz...

7) Matt Cassel returned and resurrected Jamaal Charles' fantasy value, along with the Chiefs' playoff hopes

6) Miami continued their utterly inexplicable run of home-field disadvantage

5) Detroit more or less ended Tampa's playoff chances with a road win, and it's actually OK if no part of that sentence made any sense to you

4) The NFC West went 0-4, ensuring that the division "winner" won't be over .500

3) Tim Tebow started a game in Oakland and wasn't any worse, really, than Kyle Orton would have been

2) Pittsburgh's defense proved that Troy Polamalu really is the only thing standing between it and utter mediocrity by losing to the Jets at home

1) DeSean Jackson added to the growing list of NFC East teams that he's clowned on the goal line

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