Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top 10 Eagles - Giants Takeaways

10) Michael Vick's biggest mutant power might be the fact that he's still fast after three hours of getting pounded

9) While I appreciate wanting to compare DeSean Jackson's game-ending touchdown to the Miracle at the Meadowlands play, watching DJ return a punt for a touchdown really isn't all that miraculous

8) By this year's standards, 31 carries for 100 yards counts as a great game for the Eagles defense against the run

7) If Giants' special teams coach Tom Quinn and punter Matt Dodge are still employed after this, it's only because Tom Coughlin's rage has made him no longer capable of forming complete sentences

6) At some point, the Eagle defense has to get through a game without multiple injuries

5) In case you are counting, and Lord knows I am, that's six straight wins over Big Blue

4) Brent Celek might be the biggest feast or famine football player on the planet

3) On some level, it's fun to beat a team with 8 minutes of good football, particularly when you can read blogs of their fans wailing

2) Real Eagles fans still want to rip Andy Reid apart for not challenging Jackson's "fumble" in the fourth quarter

1) I could watch Angry Tom Coughlin for hours, days, weeks, years really


nesbitt said...

love the say eli face!

The Truth said...

Even better - that win helped the Bears (if they can win their division) and a Pats win would help them even more. Hopefully this will be the only time in my life I have to root for the Pats.

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