Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 10 Final Favre Scenarios

With Monday's apparent concussion giving rise to yet another national media opportunity to eulogize the Only QB That Matters, we're left to wonder just how many more melodramatic moments we've got left in the ride. Pick your favorite, or provide your own in the comments...

10) Last Monday, laying face-down on the frozen collegiate turf of a replacement yard in what turned out to be a blowout loss

9) This Sunday night on the road in Philadelphia, since that will be on national TV and all

8) In Detroit for Week 17, which would give him 300 starts and a reasonable chance at leaving with a win

7) Next August, when no NFL team is willing to hire him for an eight-figure payday while taking the summer off

6) Next November, when the cold weather proves less than helpful to aging bones

5) Next January, when he can go out on his own terms, by ending some new team's (pick a West team, damn near any West team) playoff appearance with a pick

4) Last January, when the adoring media revises history to have Bretty going out on top after a last-minute comeback win over the Saints, followed up by a win over the Colts

3) Five years and five hundred days of headlines from now, when even the national media has tired of him

2) Thirty years from now, when he finally gives up his plush TV gig, having taking his inevitable place in NFL society as the new John Madden

1) Never, ever, ever, since his consciousness will be imprinted into computers for eternal life as a football avatar, and downloaded into donor bodies, so that we will not have to face life without him

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