Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top 10 future developments from RexFootGate

10) 2010 Jets offically designated as Gawker Media's favorite NFL team ever

9) Door now wide open for Eric Mangini's Cleveland Steaming, Mike Singletary's Castro Shuffle, and Pete Carroll's Seattle Rain videos

8) Headline writers for NY tabloids go on full foot alert for this week's Bears game

7) Thousands of Jet Fans try to say, "I don't care, we beat the Steelers" without developing a facial tic

6) Tom Brady's model wife to release a matching freaky video, since Ryan claimed a few weeks ago that he had so much in common with him

5) Jets' fan base expands while somehow becoming less sordid

4) Female alums from Southwestern Oklahoma State University to experience a sudden surge in popularity

3) Tom Coughlin and Matt Dodge to send the Ryans and Deadspin a very generous Christmas gift for such generous timing

2) Cleveland media to search the Web for freaky videos of Rob Ryan, if only to discover fresh new levels of depression

1) Weekend NFL preview shows to profess to be above the story while, um, mentioning the story

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Breet Favre now learned he sent a picture of the wrong organ to the wrong person.

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