Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 10 NBA Takeaways After 25 Games

I realize that only nerds and fantasy players -- OK, nerds and nerds -- pay attention to the first couple months of NBA action, but that's kind of a mistake. It's relatively rare for a team in the Association to turn it on in the second half, or collapse in the first. Stretch runs and injury fades happen, of course, but for the most part, what you are early is highly indicative of what you are late. And here's what we've learned so far...

10) As soon as the Hornets became the Expos, they became Exposed

9) By the end of the first Heat-Cavs game, Cavs Fan was ready to take their talents to South Beach, too

8) The only reason this doesn't qualify as the worst rookie class ever is because Blake Griffin somehow qualifies as a rookie

7) Boston is 19-4, which means that they are a couple of weeks away from sleeping until April

6) If the playoffs began today, the 9-13 Bucks would qualify, because the Eastern Conference is just that committed to comedy

5) Dallas is also 19-4 with a 12-game winning streak, because that's just what they do when the games don't matter that much

4) Derrick Rose is averaging 25 points and 8 assists a game, mostly because he's still jazzed by that Team USA recognition

3) Amar'e Stoudemire proved that Steve Nash might have needed him more than the reverse

2) Rajon Rondo is averaging just under 14 assists a game, mostly because he's still peeved about that Team USA slight

1) As soon as people started thinking they weren't any good, the Heat got the magic final ingredient that is Erick Dampier, and are now 17-8 with an 8-game winning streak

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