Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top 10 NFL Week 14 Ad Questions

10) If you want to get models into the basement of an oil change business, doesn't your cheap mass market beer have to come with a side of roofies?

9) Why does Vitamin Water want to corner the market as a hangover remedy for wildly out of control drunks?

8) Is one of the side effects of taking Lipitor an obsession with lakes?

7) Does Farmers insure real things, or just faked nonsense?

6) When someone gives you a gift from a place called The Shack, is your immediate reaction to picture them in spandex, and if so, can you please seek psychiatric attention?

5) Does anyone else think that Herman Edwards makes more sense as an out of context unfunny beer pitchman than an NFL coach?

4) How many narcotics do you have to ingest to believe that an unshaven white actor is a Christmas tree?

3) Will using the Microsoft Cloud cause my family to become unspeakable goobers?

2) How does a lizard's mating call and hideous diamond rings helps to sell insurance?

1) How does house music and hallucinations helps Reece's to sell chocolate?

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