Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top 10 NFL Week 14 Takeaways

10) If a running back is six inches shorter than the average, he acquires limited powers of invisibility, at least to NFL color analysts

9) Whenever a weather related stadium disaster hits, it always helps the New York Giants

8) Nothing quite encapsulates the Washington Redskins experience under Daniel Snyder than the dozens of men who have been their place kicker

7) Troy Polamalu is the most valuable defensive player in football by a wide, wide margin

6) At some point, someone in the media might notice that the only thing that Jerry Jones is really good at is getting people to talk about Jerry Jones

5) Only non-athletic QBs get the benefit of penalties against the defense when they are hit in the head

4) Speaking of MVPs, there is a bit of a difference when Aaron Rodgers isn't in the game for the Packers

3) There are porn stars who don't show their TAInts as much as Carson Palmer

2) Between Marvin Lewis in Cincy and John Fox in Carolina, we've successfully established that not extending the coach's contract in his final year isn't a real winning practice

1) When a brawl breaks out after a game is over, it kind of makes the post-game handshakes awkward

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