Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top 10 NFL Week 15 Ad Questions

10) Why would anyone choose the camera that Ashton Kutcher uses?

9) Does anyone else notice that those styrofoam pads make Peyton Manning look even, well, less manly than usual?

8) Hasn't the Sprint doctor who is treating the football player with the shattered knee neglected his treatment for long enough?

7) Has any child ever been happy with getting a Hess vehicle as a Christmas present?

6) Why does BMW want to make their customers look like spoiled douchebags, other than, perhaps, a desire to tell the truth?

5) Is any cell phone "hot", other than when it's malfunctioning or stolen?

4) Has any single human being ever made the decision on which car to buy from a youth football sponsorship?

3) Aren't the Corona girls getting tired of ducking all of those errant footballs?

2) If you are staring at the walls until the pictures blink, shouldn't you stop drinking alcohol?

1) If being at the Olive Garden is like being back at the kids table, isn't that a de facto admission of child abuse?

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