Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top 10 NFL Week 16 Ad Questions

10) Is Coors Light the last people on earth to still call Barry Switzer a coach?

9) Why does Acura want to associate their car with elf urination?

8) Does Burger King really sell a lot of chicken sandwiches to people arranging a two guy / one girl threesome?

7) Don't the soda delivery guys have better things to do than arrange supermarket displays?

6) If aliens came bearing weak beer, wouldn't you want to know more about their, well, abilities before rushing off to mate with them?

5) Do all of Microsoft's customers have developmentally disabled children, and if so, don't I want to avoid their products?

4) If a Pizza Hut promotion is the highlight of your life, shouldn't you just kill yourself immediately?

3) How does the deprivation of teenagers who are learning how to drive sell hamburgers?

2) If singing an insurance company's jingle grants wishes, how is it possible that no one wishes for, well, sex?

1) Given that Christmas was yesterday, why are so many advertisers unprepared to switch their ads to reflect this?

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