Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top 10 NFL Week 16 Takeaways

10) Flexing the Eagles to the SNF game into a game-postponing blizzard cost the team rest before Week 17, a possible first round bye, and one more week of Favre Media Shiva

9) Fox was forced to take Niners-Rams seriously, since one of these teams is required by league law to lose in the playoffs

8) The Bears and Jets combined for 72 points, nearly all of them on fantasy league benches

7) Anquan Boldin followed up on last week's two yard effort with a whopping fifteen, just in case any of his fantasy owners hadn't quite gotten the hint that he sucks

6) Jacksonville broke the heart of both of their fans by losing at home to Rex Grossman

5) CBS devoted airtime to Jim Belushi and his spawn yelling on the field, because it turns out that celebrities with field access can be fans, too

4) Brodie Croyle played in a Chiefs win and the Lions won back to back games on the road, giving end of the world types more signs that it's Showtime

3) Chad Henne proved, once and for all, that the Dolphins need a new QB

2) Arizona and Dallas played one of the more entertaining games that no one saw, since no one gets NFLN, watches either of these teams when they don't have winning records, or is awake that late on Christmas

1) The Jets qualified for the playoffs despite losing, setting up any number of Victory In De-Feet NYC tabloid style headlines

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