Monday, December 20, 2010

Top 10 reasons the Giants are keeping Matt Dodge

After the ending to Sunday's incredible collapse, it looked like Giants coach Tom Coughlin was going to choke rookie punter Matt Dodge with his bare hands for punting to the Eagles' DeSean Jackson, setting up the latest Eagle crush win in North Jersey. Today, he gave the rookie a vote of confidence by saying that he still had the job. As always, FTT has the inside reasons why.

10) Can't walk away from the investment that the team made in Dodge, who cost them a seventh round pick

9) Coughlin really hates the other Matt Dodge, who's a journalist in Portland, Maine with a nearly useless Twitter account

8) Doesn't want to look like he's running a Redskins-level organization

7) Jeff Feagles no longer has the strength to stand upright in pads

6) Too many Giants fans own Dodge's jersey, seeing how he comes from that East Carolina juggernaut

5) Upon further review, Dodge had nothing to do with the Giants' failure to anticipate an onside kick, or in giving up the other three touchdowns in the last seven minutes

4) The home where Sean Landeta lives doesn't have phone service

3) Feels that Dodge needs to help them lose another game before it's OK to fire him

2) Did enough teaching on national television by tearing Dodge a new orifice

1) It's against his religious beliefs to terminate a guy just before Kwanzaa

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