Friday, December 17, 2010

Top 11 reasons the Redskins are changing from Donovan McNabb to Rex Grossman

11) Team is secretly run by sports bloggers

10) If Rexy can win their remaining games, they've got a head start for figuring out how they'll stink in 2011

9) L'il Kyle Shanahan, the offensive coordinator, is 31 and hence, too young to remember when Don was good, or how Rex is the worst starting QB in Super Bowl history

8) Redskins management believes that this will somehow upset Albert Haynesworth

7) It's the only way to get a fresh rant out of Chad Dukes

6) Daniel Snyder is trying to recoup lost ticket and merchandise revenue by betting the Cowboys to cover the spread

5) Defense needs to be challenged with short fields and a lack of possession

4) When you have an offensive line and weapons like this and aren't winning, it must be the QB

3) There's the small possibility that, well, the Redskins management aren't very bright

2) Just like last month's $70 million contract to McNabb, only way to get sports media to remember that the Skins exist

1) Now it can be told: the entire past year is just payback for McNabb's past performances against the team

1 comment:

snd_dsgnr said...

12) When your kicker misses FG attempts of 24 and 34 yards in a 1 point loss, then it's clearly time to fire the punter/holder and bench the starting QB.

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