Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Top 10 reasons why Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan didn't get suspended for their brawl

If you own Johnson in your roto league, your first reaction is to pull him from your lineup and make other arrangements... but you are not the NFL, who fined the guy, but didn't keep him out of the upcoming Thursday night game. FTT, as always, has the reasons why.

10) As Philly Fan is certain, it's all an elaborate plan to screw the Eagles in their TNF game against the Texans

9) Any time someone wants to beat on Cortland Finnegan, we all win

8) Since neither man feigned a concussion at the end of the play, we can all move on

7) Refs totally buying the "it's the fourth quarter of a blowout, so we have to do something to make people watch" excuse

6) Titans management pulled strings for a new story that gets people to stop talking about the Jeff Fisher / Vince Young meltdown

5) Johnson apologized after the game, and unlike most other name WRs, doesn't have a reality show

4) The league doesn't want to diminish from the star power in this week's Titans-Jaguars matchup

3) Neither man hit each other with a steel chair, used a foreign object, or distracted his opponent with a cheerleader

2) The league appreciates it when anyone not named Peyton Manning gets highlight footage from the AFC South

1) The NFL's punishment people all have AJ on their fantasy team

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