Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 10 reasons why Brett Favre ended his streak

10) Losing games just didn't have the same thrill without Brad Childress

9) It's hard for any man to get work in Detroit these days

8) Exhausted after single-handedly hacking the Gawker Media password file, as part of his plan to wreak terrible vengeance upon Deadspin

7) Now that Aaron Rodgers is concussed again, he's gotten everything he could hope for out of the game

6) Watching the Jets collapse brought back too many fond memories

5) When you can't end the season in a playoff game with a soul-crushing pick, it's just hard to see the point of continuing

4) Wanted to dominate sports media coverage over players on teams that actually matter one last time

3) Has an awful lot of Streak Memoribilia to move

2) The quality of media knob slobbing is no longer up to his standard

1) He's actually hurt, as if anyone who actually watches football still gives a damn

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