Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top 10 reasons why the Eagles-Vikings game was postponed

It's more than just the snow, kids. As always, FTT has the inside story.

10) Philly mayor Michael Nutter wanted to make sure he never had a better job than his current gig

9) NFL commissioner Roger Goodell just can't resist screwing with the Vikings' schedule

8) NBC wanted to remember what it was like when people cared about what they showed on Tuesdays

7) Eagles looking to raise the difficulty rating with the potential of three games in twelve days, the last of which could be hosting a playoff game against the defending Super Bowl champions

6) By postponing the game, the league gives cranky old men a fresh new reason to point out why the world is going to hell in a handbasket

5) Allowed the Eagle players a nice full day off to enjoy watching the Giants gift-wrap the sixth division title of the Andy Reid Era

4) The league didn't want the pristine reputation of Philly Fan sullied by the potential for a few bad apples throwing snowballs

3) The (very) late game ranks up the potential for legendary whining about fantasy league championships

2) Part of the league's sinister plan to put games on every damn night of the week

1) Like everything else involving the NFL, it's all about Brett Favre

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