Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top 10 reasons why Geno Auriemma is bitching

The big caveat: No, I was not paying attention to women's college basketball. But The Truth sent this link along of the UConn women's basketball coach playing the gender card, so here's the list for all of the rug mun... excuse me, carpet snac... well, all of you folks who care about such things. Let's just get to the list before I lose all of my advertisers, OK?

10) Worried that his athletes will be tested for Lasix

9) Because bitching about getting attention for breaking a men's record is just so, um, helpful to the cause of equality

8) Getting a bit unhinged after years of not being able to complain about the refs

7) Wanted to make sure he didn't become too likable

6) Offended that anyone would think that any of his players has ever been in a kitchen, or indoors

5) Looking to make "the miserable bastards that follow men's basketball" even more miserable, as if watching women's basketball wasn't bad enough

4) Knows that any sport where one team wins 88 straight games is a sport without meaningful depth, competitiveness, or reasons to watch, so he's got to invent some PR

3) Needed to do something to keep his players focused on this season, rather than of the premium apples and oats that await them in the WNBA

2) Knows that once the streak is broken, he'll go back to being just slightly more important to Connecticut sports than the New Britain Rock Cats

1) It's his time of the month

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