Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top 11 reasons the Redskins suspended Albert Haynesworth for the rest of 2010

11) It's about the only thing they can do to make their fans happy at this point, short of a killing spree in the Snyder household

10) Decided they can lose by multiple touchdowns in gutless fashion without him

9) Mike Shanahan convinced that this is the best way to get back the locker room

8) Gives Fat Albert more time to work on that conditioning drill

7) If guys are going to show up for team meetings while being hung over, they need to be in management

6) Allows the team to win the only battle they can -- media time on local sports talk radio

5) This is sure to drive his trade value up for the off-season

4) Have somehow decided that they can find someone else to contribute 2 tackles and a quarter of a sack per game

3) No matter how low they discount his jersey at the pro shop, still isn't selling, even to guys named Haynesworth

2) To teach Daniel Snyder a very important and easily forgotten lesson

1) Just not that big of a fan of The Worm

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