Friday, December 3, 2010

Top 12 Eagles-Texans Takeaways

12) Honestly, CB Asante Samuel can't come back fast enough

11) In a game with 49 first downs and 850 yards, you can't really feel good about any defensive player

10) Since QB Michaek Vick runs like a RB, you can more or less hit him like one without fear of flag

9) We should all find opportunities in life to be as generous as the Eagles' defense in the red zone

8) Jason Avant really needs to stop dropping touchdown passes if he wants to keep that "best hands on the team" reputation

7) For an explosive player coming off a coach-chewing game, DeSean Jackson wasn't exactly electric

6) Trevor Laws disappointed fat guys everywhere by not converting his screen pass pick for a TAInt

5) Matt Schaub and Gary Kubiak whine to the refs as if they were elite level pros, rather than perenially disappointing .500 also-rans

4) RB Arian Foster might be the best back in the league with the ball in his hands, and the worst without it

3) Andy Reid is now 2 for 5 on challenges in 2010, shocking Eagle Fans that were more or less convinced that he's never won a challenge in his whole damned life

2) You would never, ever know, from watching the game, that Steve Slaton was ever a noteworthy player

1) Joe Theismann has never seen contact to the QB that he wasn't convinced was worthy of a flag, and his attempts at humor with Matt Millen can only be classified as a war crime

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