Monday, December 6, 2010

Top 12 reasons why the Broncos fired Josh McDaniels

12) It turns out that you have to do more than resurrect Brandon Lloyd to keep a coaching gig

11) Are starting to realize that maybe keeping Mike Shanahan around wasn't so bad

10) Clears the deck for John Elway to come again to judge the quick and the dead

9) Management is bitterly disappointed that the team's collapse happened early this year

8) McDaniels totally failed to give Brian Dawkins eternal youth

7) They've got all of these unsold Cutler and Marshall jerseys

6) It turns out that to get QB play at the Tom Brady level, you have to have more than Tom Brady's coach

5) Unlike the Patriots, the Broncos take cheating seriously, especially when it's combined with being a doormat

4) Didn't keep Elvis Dumervil from breaking, or clone Champ Bailey

3) Didn't want Dan Snyder to be the only one who got to experience what it was like to pay three head coaches at once

2) Despite all of those kind words from Jebus, feel like they should get more out of a first round pick than the occasional meh Wildcat play

1) Winning 5 of his last 22 games doesn't really get you job security anywhere, let alone a town where they've won championships in most fans' lifetime

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