Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Browns canned Eric Mangini

10) After going 5-11 last year, doing it again this year just didn't have the same magic

9) That 41-9 quit job at home against Pittsburgh yesterday didn't exactly scream out confidence

8) Taking Josh McReynolds badly in the Peyton Hillis trade only worth so much

7) Wanted to give him the chance to go upstate to a farm where he could run and chase rabbits

6) Mike Holmgren can only stand impotence and listlessness from a team when he's the coach

5) Failed to get the big offensive numbers expected from the elite pass-catching corps of Josh Cribbs, Muhammed Massaquoi and Ben Watson

4) Got more than a little deluded from those mid-season beatdowns of the Patriots and Saints

3) Mangini was threatening to take his talents to South Beach

2) When you work in a sports market like Cleveland, you just have to accept that championships are the only job security

1) His short and shorter controlled passing game was just too beautiful for this world

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