Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Howard Eskin Will Not Be Ignored

This isn't sports, per se, but for those of us who endure Philadelphia media... take a peek at this.

You see, Howard Eskin is your only conduit, Philadelphia Fan, to Roy Halladay. He, and his other stalwart members of the Philadelphia media, are the only way that you will be able to hear meaningless cliches that prove to you that Halladay is a Nice Guy, deserving of your jersey purchase or applause or early round fantasy draft pick. There is no Twitter, or athlete blogs, or national media, or your own damn free will that would help you imagine what Roy might say about the news of the day.

And honestly, I'd say more about this, but when you've got someone with their head so far up their own dorsal orifice, I'm more inclined to applaud the accomplishment. Howard's not a young man, really, and that amount of flexibility and internal lube is rare for a man of an advanced age. Halladay really should talk to him more often; it's clearly holding him back from achieving true greatness or acceptance towards Cooperstown acceptance.

So kudos, Howard, for having the courage to stand up for your convictions, and all of us Ordinary Fans who would never have any other opportunity to hear the pearls of wit and wisdom from our region's star athletes. You are doing the Lord's work, Howard, and we're all so lucky to have you. So very, very lucky...

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