Sunday, January 30, 2011

Top 10 Celtic Fan Justifications for Kevin Garnett Going Low

Ah, yet another career-defining moment from the Big Dickette, as he "closes out" on the Suns' Channing Frye. How will the Massholes defend this one?

10) Like holding in football, this happens on every play, and Frye's just a jerk for flopping

9) KG's fist technique might have shown poor knowledge of a prostrate check, but you can't deny that his heart's in the right place

8) Since it happened during a loss on the second day of a back to back, the NBA bears a big part of the blame for scheduling

7) It's entirely Frye's fault for not having the guts or game to play in the post

6) After all of those years toiling for bad teams in Minnesota, Garnett is excused from this kind of behavior, because he had it so very, very hard

5) It's not Garnett's fault if Frye is so negligent about player safety as to not wear a cup or codpiece, like KG does

4) This is clearly accidental and innocuous, since if Garnett wanted to punch Frye in the jewels, he clearly would have done it much harder

3) Bruce Bowen and John Stockton did this on every play, and Kobe Bryant had trouble in Colorado, so no one should make a big deal about this

2) Mark Jackson and the Celtic house announcers didn't think it was a foul, and those opinions are legally binding

1) `With the history that's involved in teams that face each other twice a year, you can't blame KG when things get heated

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