Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top 12 consolations for Patriot Fans

12) Patrick Chung's lifeless body is already in Boston Harbor

11) Now that LaDanian Tomlinson has had his revenge, he's sure to retire

10) No one is taking away that unbeaten home regular season from you

9) You really weren't all that comfortable with Deion Branch as your #1 WR anyway

8) Wes Welker is very, very sorry, and promises to never say anything to anyone ever again

7) You still have tons of good young players and high draft picks tht can choke in the playoffs next year

6) They got a lot closer to winning their home playoff game this year than last year

5) Tom Brady is sure to study harder and watch more game tape next year

4) Judging from the stands, many of the fans at your game were able to beat the traffic

3) Shayne Graham really does have a way with onside kicks

2) The Jets still aren't division champs

1) You looked a lot better than the NFC's #1 seed

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