Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top 10 Eagles - Cowboys Takeaways

10) Despite all visual evidence to the contrary, rookie TE Clay Harbor didn't spend the entire day putting out fires of flaming dog poop with his face

9) For 58 minutes, the Eagle defense actually covered the tight end

8) Mike Vick should send Kevin Kolb a fruit basket for eliminating all doubts that he's the best QB on the roster

7) You know that the regular starters weren't in the game, since the Eagles were only hit with four penalties

6) For the second straight game, the Eagles QB gave up the first touchdown of the game on an unconscionable mistake, not that this is worrisome going into the playoffs or anything

5) Jerome Harrison was one yard shy of a 100-yard day, and that extra yard is the total reason why the team didn't win the game

4) Whenever Chad Hall does something good on a football field, we are required by law to hear his origin story, and how being four to six inches shorter than an average player at his position gives him limited powers of invisibility

3) If you love announcing teams to talk about anything other than the game in front of them, this was the very best announced game in the history of Fox Sports

2) Stephen McGee averaged 7 yards per carry and less than 5 yards per throw, not that this is in any way worrisome before facing the mobile Aaron Rodgers

1) While no one should freak out about losing a meaningless game with back-ups, losing the second of three straight home games is totally worthy of a freak-out

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