Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top 10 Eagles - Packers Takeaways

10) Noticing that David Akers was starting to slip a month ago isn't much comfort when he misses twice in the most important game of the year

9) Aaron Rodgers is going to have to do a lot more to win in Atlanta, and probably will

8) Brent Celek may be young, big and skilled, and maybe this was just his Cursed Year, but I'm still not too big on seeing the rest of his career right about now

7) It's awfully cagey of the Packers to not use their best running back until the playoffs

6) In the final analysis, neither Stewart Bradley or James Chaney might make us forget, say, Byron Evans

5) If Jon Kuhn isn't the NFL's most overrated player yet, it's only a matter of days

4) If your last name is Justice and you want a personalized Eagles jersey, good values may soon be available

3) You can sort of see why Packer Fan loves Clay Mathews Jr. a lot more than, say, AJ Hawk

2) We may never see an Eagles defense that was this bad in the red zone again, if only because being worse would be damn-near statistically impossible

1) It really would not shock me if we see the first #6 seed from the NFC go to the Super Bowl

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

at least our QB wasn't laughing after tossing a game -losing pick in the end zone.

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