Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top 10 NBA Forbes Financial Report Takeaways

According to Forbes, the Knicks are now the NBA's most valued franchises, and 17 out of 30 teams lost money last season. But there's more takeaways that the mainstream media is missing, which, of course, is why you read FTT.

10) Somehow, the Nets are worth even less now that a computer-free Russian billionaire overpaid for them

9) The single biggest thing keeping the Raptors afloat is the growing value of the Canadian dollar

8) The existence of a team in Memphis is best understood as a tax write-off, or as barter to Federal Express

7) The Cleveland franchise lost much of its value for some utterly inexplicable reason

6) Like every other business in Detroit, the Pistons would be more valuable if they moved to Mexico

5) It tells you everything you need to know about how bass-awkward the NBA is that a team in Oklahoma City is comparatively well-off

4) Yao Ming's injuries have put the league in serious jeopardy, since the country's financial overlords are no longer distracted by the big man's playoff chances

3) The Knicks' biggest advantage over the Lakers is that they don't have to share their building with a world-class organization like the Clippers

2) The league enjoyed a huge boost in value as soon as Chris Cohan sold the Warriors

1) If you think the league is in financial trouble now, just wait until they have a nuclear winter lockout in the middle of a nuclear winter NFL lockout

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