Saturday, January 15, 2011

Top 10 NFL Divisional Playoff Saturday Ad Questions

10) Why are soda trucks and machines tearing up football fields, and how does this make anyone want to buy soda?

9) While Audi is saying good night to various things, does that also include cars that are not butt-ugly?

8) How does IBM working on computers that know about Groucho Marx jokes help to sell computers?

7) When animated cereal mascots are helping you play with your kid, isn't this a sign of psychosis?

6) When Domino's is done blowing the minds of focus group morons, will it get around to actually making a good product?

5) How on earth does horrific violence perpetuated by mutated insects sell candy?

4) What is Calvin Klein selling, if it's not pouty white women?

3) Does driving a Ford Focus make you insufferable, or is that just a side effect of being near Mike Rowe?

2) If a video game maker wanted to make a game that moms will hate, why does it involve violence, rather than sex, drug use or, well, killing your parents?

1) Now that the holidays are over, can I get those douchebag car bows for a discount?

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