Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top 10 NFL Divisional Playoff Saturday Takeaways

10) It was good that Anquan Boldin dropped a touchdown, because otherwise, we wouldn't be sure he played in the game at all

9) Matt Ryan's TAInt at the end of the first half showed that he's not just a game manager, dammit

8) You know it's not a good day for Ravens Fan when Willis McGahee is clearly better than Ray Rice

7) The Steeler offensive line may not be very good, but they make up for it with post-whistle nastiness

6) Somehow, Joe Buck got through three quarters of the game tonight before bringing up Brett Favre

5) Whenever a field goal kicker misses in Heinz Field, it's clearly the field's fault

4) Being the #1 seed in the NFC really doesn't seem to mean anything anymore

3) No one could have possibly guessed that Atlanta Fan wouldn't keep Packer Fan out, or leave the game at halftime

2) CBS took its fluffery of Ray Lewis to spectacular new levels today by praising him for making a play when his man caught the ball and converted a first down

1) None of what happens today means anything, since there is no statistical chance on this or any other parallel universe Earth that the Patriots can lose

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