Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top 10 NFL Divisional Playoff Sunday Ad Questions

10) Can Adam Sandler make a movie without a crotch shot?

9) How does Toyota explode so many cars without metallic shrapnel maiming and killing bystanders?

8) When you buy a Lexus, do you have to dangle them like caught fish?

7) How does pulling ancient and abandoned cell phones out of trees help to sell anything?

6) Why does a light beer brand want to mock men who can fit in tight jeans, since part of the appeal of their product is that you won't be such a lardass if you drink their product?

5) Does Mark Sanchez throw two liter bottles of soda better than he does footballs?

4) Has there ever been an episode of "House" in which the title character doesn't face one of the biggest challenges of his career?

3) Do the Bud Light shremplicating aliens have antennae in other locations?

2) Does the McDonald's driving dad with the sleeping baby run red lights and stop signs, too?

1) How much of State Farm's business is predicated on replacing their clients with sexier versions of themselves?

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