Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top 10 NFL Divisional Playoff Sunday Takeaways

10) Mike Williams had the emptiest 2-touchdown day in the history of NFL wide receivers

9) Imagine how good the Jets would be if they employed a tolerable kicker or punter

8) I'm not saying that Bear Fan was confident, but they brought Packer signs to the Seahawk game

7) Deion Branch, on further review, really does look like Jabar Gaffney

6) The Seahawks had more guys leaving with concussions than meaningful offensive plays

5) Bart Scott really does have a post-football future as a pro wrestler

4) If you had the Bears +11 and got ruined by the Bears falling asleep in the fourth quarter for the back door cover, my condolences to your surviving family

3) Rex Ryan's 40 time when running to a touchdown celebration can be timed with a sundial

2) Jay Cutler's lack of playoff experience was truly crippling

1) Santonio Holmes in the corner in the end zone in a big playoff game is a very, very bad man

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