Sunday, January 2, 2011

Top 10 NFL Week 17 Ad Questions

10) What kind of drugs do you have to be on to effectively flirt over a 99-cent Mexican food item?

9) Should you really take beer endorsement advice from people who paint their chests?

8) If your social standing in the office is dependent on the speed of your wireless smartphone, aren't you already a pariah?

7) How many cars does Hyundai sell to insufferable and overly medicated musician slackers?

6) Hasn't everyone in New Orleans who was going to buy a Drew Brees jersey done so by now?

5) How long has Travelers been providing insurance for dogs?

4) Is having a male avatar character doing a boy band dance really a way to sell anything but disgust?

3) Do all Jeep owners drive in blizzard conditions just to be obnoxious?

2) Does anyone really make their cell phone purchasing decisions based on the endorsement of anonymous shoe delivery men?

1) Why does a light beer maker want to mock beer drinkers that can wear tight pants, and how, once again my friends, does anything from this twerp-tastic campaign sell beer?

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