Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10 NFL Week 17 Takeaways

10) Brett Favre missed another game, giving the sports media establishment a unique opportunity to eulogize his career

9) The Pittsburgh defense earned a bye week by performing well in their second straight bye week

8) Tampa Fan won't get to watch a playoff game, but they might have had the second-most satisfying fan year in the league

7) As Buffalo, Cleveland and Miami showed, there ain't no quit like a Week 17 quit, because a Week 17 quit don't... stop?

6) Oakland went undefeated in the division without winning their division or earning a wild-card, which is genuinely difficult to do

5) The Jets won a game in which starting QB Mark Sanchez played for most of a quarter without throwing a pass, because the Buffalo defense is just that bad against the run

4) The Browns did everything short of putting on their uniforms on backwards to try to get Eric Mangini fired

3) San Diego gave its fans something to remember -- yet another special teams touchdown return

2) The Packers nearly lost a playoff berth in a home game against a team with absolutely nothing to play for, and they should still be favored next week

1) The Colts, Ravens, Eagles, Chiefs, Saints and Bears all went into the playoffs with a studious disregard for momentum

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