Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top 10 NFL Wild Card Weekend Ad Questions

10) Can we see an updated version of that Saints fan ad for this weekend's Marshawn Lynch touchdown run? Please?

9) If Barry Switzer endorses a beer, doesn't that mean that it comes with packaging options to match the preference of hill people?

8) If I buy a new Cadillac, will I have to frequently dodge attacks by bowmen?

7) How long have Domino's been kidnapping people to show them tomato farms, and how exactly does this sell pizza?

6) How many people did Bridgetone have to kill to get their snow driving accident footage?

5) Do you only get to take Lipitor if you took water-based risks as a child?

4) Do any of the ads this weekend feature QBs of teams that are still eligible to win the Super Bowl?

3) If I get my insurance coverage with Geico, and I required to chauffeur screming piglets?

2) How is Southwest able to price their airfare in a competitive fashion when they have so many new legal costs?

1) Does Nationwide insurance routinely put birds on their customers, and if so, does the coverage include deductibles for ruined clothing?

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