Sunday, January 23, 2011

Top 10 Packer - Bears Takeaways

10) Someone might want to mention to Bears coach Lovie Smith that he has a field goal kicker, or that if you are going to go to the emergency QB in the third quarter, it might behoove you to at least have him throw the ball then

9) Describing the Packers' efforts to avoid Devin Hester in the return game as cowardly does a great disservice to cowards

8) Mike Martz is such a genius, he can devise an offense where only the (same) running back ever touches the ball, you rarely use the shotgun despite massive protection problems, and your stud TE doesn't get any chances to make plats

7) Fox is very grateful to Aaron Rodgers for using bad luck and judgment to keep the outcome in doubt for as long as he could

6) If you want to buy a Jay Cutler Bears' jersey today, I'm thinking that you can find some motivated sellers in the Chicago area

5) B.J. Raji was just a yard away from becoming Leon Lett II, Electric Boogaloo

4) The Bears might want to look into having LBs that are faster than QBs

3) Dom Capers is such a genius that he has 340-pound nose tackles dropping into coverage, and it works (along with deep corner blitzes that never, ever get to the QB)

2) On Earl Bennett's late touchdown, Giants S Nick Collins more or less proved that he should have missed the Pro Bowl no matter what

1) The gambling sharps that scorned "recreational" gamblers for just going with the team with the better QB might have missed that the team also had the *much* better QB

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