Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Groupon bought the Super Bowl Pregame Show

According to Ad Age, the local buying site that spurned Google's billions has decided to splurge on building their brand by sponsoring the part of the game that intelligent people ignore. Why did the Chicago-based Internet start-up pull the trigger?

10) Those half-off spa and facial deals are just a natural for NFL fans

9) No dot-com has ever regretted ponying up for Super Bowl ad rates

8) Every consumer knows that the best deals come from companies that can afford millions of dollars in advertising costs

7) This isn't going to cheese off the Google Evil Overlords in the slightest

6) Banking on Jay Cutler getting the Bears to be the big dance, then wearing sunglasses and mooning press helicopters in the hype before the game

5) This is sure to help them expand efforts to Europe, since the Euros just can't get enough of the NFL

4) They are actually getting half-off the cost of the sponsorship, but only when they agree to buy it for five years in advance

3) Want their brand associated with something long, pointless and forgettable

2) If they didn't do the sponsorship, one of their competitors would have, and the world would have realized that their business model has (shh!) no real barrier to entry or unique selling proposition

1) It's the only way for them to have gotten a list on a sports blog, and the exposure here makes it all worthwhile, since FTT's audience is almost entirely composed of venture capital billionaires

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