Saturday, January 1, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Panthers axed John Fox

10) It's a failure of coaching when Jimmy Claussen and Matt Moore turn out to be horrible quarterbacks

9) Only way to make sure that both Panther fans think they are still trying

8) Wanted to remind sports media that Panthers are still in the NFL

7) First step towards inevitable and unbelievable worst to first move, because that's just how the NFC South rolls

6) George Seifert is available, and will work for prescription meds

5) Considering he's had the gig for eight years, a 2-13 season and a dismissal doesn't seem that shocking

4) Just realized that he might be in some way responsible for giving tens of millions of dollars to Jake Delhomme

3) The Panthers denied him a contract extension in 2008, in that he had the temerity to ask for money

2) Management really wants the team to pull off that spoiling upset against the Falcons this weekend

1) Fox is 55, with a 78-73 record, without consecutive winning seasons or anything more intriguing to his resume other than cock-blocking multiple fantasy-worthy running backs

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