Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Raiders want to lose Tom Cable

10) Going undefeated in the division with Grade D circus meat QBs throwing to track star WRs is just bad coaching

9) Personally responsible for Zach Miller no longer being the only Zach Miller in the league

8) If the Raiders get a new coach, that's sure to help them sell out the building more than once a year

7) Owner Al Davis really annoyed that he won't be able to blow higher and more attention-getting draft picks

6) It's the only way to keep the genius that is offensive coordinator Hue Jackson

5) Thanks to the recession, there are now literally dozens of men in the United States who would be willing to work for Davis

4) It's been years since Cable has assaulted a woman or fellow coach, which means he's getting too soft for the gig

3) Team just realized, three years late, that Cable once went 11-35 as the coach of the Idaho Vandals

2) When you've had five coaches in the last 7 years, canning the coach is right up there with buying milk

1) Um, Al Davis is senile, insane, cheap and loathsome, and that counts as one of his better days

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