Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Titans kept Jeff Fisher

10) I know we already used the tasteless dead guy joke with the Bengals and Marvin Lewis with Chris Henry, but Steve McNair had so much more to give this franchise

9) If they let him go, Kerry Collins would probably wind up homeless and back on the sauce within a week

8) What's another decade among non-Super Bowl winners with massive losing streaks

7) Want to see how he looks in a division without Peyton Manning, which has just got to happen one of these years

6) No other credible candidate willing to be associated with Cortland Finnegan

5) Chris Johnson's career hasn't been pissed away in a pointless treadmill yet

4) Keeping him around increases the chance of getting that upstanding and
hard-working Albert Haynesworth back

3) In Tennessee, Fisher's facial hair looks like the status quo, rather than a comical anomaly

2) Didn't think was fair to run him in the same year they punked him with Randy Moss

1) At the end of the day, just liked Fisher's chance to develop as a QB more than say, Vince Young

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