Sunday, January 9, 2011

Top 10 NFL Wildcard Weekend Takeaways

10) That laughing sound you heard is coming from Chicago, who just won a second bye week by not having the NFC's top seed

9) Rex Ryan finally got past Peyton Manning, for all of the good that it will do him in New England

8) The Saints blew two different ten point leads against a 7-9 team, more or less completely invalidating their Super Bowl win and all hope that their city can ever really, truly recover from Hurricane Katrina

7) LaDanian Tomlinson had the longest run of his playoff life, and no, it didn't make the highlight reel

6) This was the last time this year the NBC crew will work a game, which is enough to send tens of millions of people spiralling into depression

5) Ray Lewis spent most of the first half looking old and feeble, but he got a sack late in a blowout and has been showing teammates his Super Bowl ring, so he must still be great

4) Atlanta is now officially the weakest #1 seed in the history of the NFL

3) The Chiefs have a long-term contract and commitment to Matt Cassel, which might depress their fans more than anything else from the loss to the Ravens

2) Philadelphia will have new coordinators next year, and if they want to lose Brent Celek and David Akers too, Eagle Fan will not complain

1) Home-field advantage means absolutely nothing, unless you are a 7-9 team facing the defending world champions

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