Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Brief and Obvious Point About The Super Bowl, Media Day, Radio Row, The Ads And Everything Else That Occurs Before 6:29 PM EST On Sunday

You don't need to pay any attention to any of it.

Paying attention to any of it will not increase your enjoyment of the game.

If you do pay any attention to any of it, you have too much free time, and are putting money into the pocket of some of the more regrettable people on the planet.

Nothing that any of the players, coaches, announcers, analysts, fans or broadcasters say, between now and the time that actual ball is played, will have any impact on the game. (Short of someone saying something along the lines of, "I will not be able to play in this game.")

It doesn't make you a better fan if you pay attention to any of the pre-game hype. It might, actually, make you a worse one, since you'll dull your intellect with nonsense, and deepen your timesuck.

And by the way, I'd feel the same way about this if my laundry were in the game.

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