Monday, February 28, 2011

FTT Off-Topic: A Few Words For Subway Stairway Dawdlers

I realize that most of you do not have a mass transit commute, or bounce between six trains in three to four hours of travel per day. Hell, no one does that; that's plainly insane. But humor me while I drain the poison from the swamp, and say this.

If you are on approach to a subway turnstile, and the train that is in the station isn't yours, so you are in no hurry for it...

Can you please, for the love of a lack of public rage, shake a leg or step to the side and let the people who are clearly hauling cheek get to their freaking train?

And yes, I know, there will be another train in five minutes or less, and I should just be more sanguine about missing this one. Or more likely, not. And when that next train is late, as it now has to be, or so jammed that entry is impossible or at least remarkably unpleasant... and so is the connecting train that I need to make the third train? The five minutes becomes 20, or even 40. I've got New Jersey Transit covering the last leg; the final leg of the journey can be *any amount*. But let's call it 40.

And the 40? That's my evening workout, or the time I get with my kids before their already too-late bedtime. So either way, my reasons for remaining a healthy, positive and upbeat person are going south.

All because you can't be present enough to trudge your sorry self off the single-file steps at anything beyond a disinterested shamble. And for the purposes of this little thought experiment, you are not old, infirm or injured, and the only reason you are taking for freaking ever to clear the area is because you could not care less about any life but your own.

So... move it, willya? Please?


CMJDad said...

Did you actually say anything to this pig? I realize that you are not the physically intimidating type, but some times you just have to say "what the fu%&, get out of my fu@*ing way! Either that or pop a cap in his/her ass.

DMtShooter said...

I was actually a little early today, so no. But I have. in other instances. I feel like it's a vital part of living in New York.

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