Thursday, February 3, 2011

FTT Off-Topic: Fun With The Law

So with the severe weather in my part of the world, there's a septic pipe failure at the end of my block. It's a busy street for cross-traffic, so a local cop in his patrol car decided to put up a saw horse at one end, and park lengthwise across the street halfway down the block. He was there this evening when the Shooter Wife came to get me from the train station after work, and he was there after I got my kids to bed, then went to do my late night workout. Ten times a month, and the HMO pays me more than the gym costs. Works out.

Anyhoo... I've done my sweat work, I'm heading home. Cop's in his car. And being in my low '40s, and a homeowner, and let's face it, more than a little loopy by the lateness of the hour and the adrenalin from my workout... well, let's say hello. See how long he's going to be there, get a sense of the work that's being done, etc.

The cop's good and chatty, since this might be the most boring job he's going to have all year, in a pretty boring suburb. He tells me a little about the work, how long he's going to be there tonight, so I'm going to have to budget a little extra time to get out tomorrow morning. And I'm tempted, so tempted, to just see if I can have some fun with the guy.

"So how long are you guys going to be here? The reason I ask is that I run a meth lab. You understand."

No, I didn't.

But in another couple of years, or decades, especially when I'm too old to have any sense of fear or decorum?

"So how long are you guys going to be here? The reason I ask is that I run a chop shop. Real Sweeney Todd stuff. You understand."


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in this comment "and the HMO pays me more than the gym costs."

What do you mean? Your HMO pays you to work out? If so, who is your HMO. I need to join them.

DMtShooter said...

With the Oxford plan that my day job runs, they reimburse you $200 every six months, provided you hit your gym 50 times in that span. My local Retro Fitness is $22 a month, so I make $68 every six months. It's almost as lucrative as sports blogging!

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