Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's Only Fun Until Someone Loses A Month

This little clip of fun amused everyone in Blogfrica this week...

until today, when Islanders' goalie and punching bag Rick DiPetro announced that he'd miss the next four to six weeks with, well, a broken face.

Now, I know that Hockey Doesn't Matter, and even a hockey ignoramus like me knows that the Islanders Really Don't Matter, and haven't for decades. But I want you to imagine the hullabaloo if this fight had happened in a sport with actual mainstream attention, or with players that had national reputation, let alone a reality show or significant Twitter account.

We'd have widespread condemnation from some to the refs for not defusing things faster; the NHL's refs are right up there with the Jerry Springer Show in terms of getting to disputes. We'd have screaming fits from sports talk radio nerds, who'd vow vengeance on the Pens' goalie, Brent Johnston. We'd have league retribution and PR grandstanding, sports media puling, etc., etc., etc.

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