Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top 10 NBA Trade Deadline Takeaways

10) Oklahoma City really isn't interested in waiting to contend for a champ-ionship

9) If you are going to trade for Kirk Hinrich to get more athletic, you pretty much have to previously own Mike Bibby

8) It's not going to be awkward at all for OJ Mayo and Josh McReynolds to stay with their teams after that failed trade

7) Marcus Camby got Joel Przybilla shipped out of Portland by threatening to retire, which isn't exactly the first time someone has threatened to quit in Przy's presence

6) Byron Scott's year, in which he was the coach for a team with a record losing streak, somehow got worse, since he now gets to deal with Fat, Sad And Rich Baron Davis

5) Celtics Fan is really hoping that Jeff Green shows more than he did in the last playoff, and that not having Kendrick Perkins doesn't mean the team is really counting on The Dessicated Remains of the Brothers O'Neal

4) Phoenix got tired of waiting for the Goran Dragic of last year's playoff to show up, but not nearly as much as Houston wanted to get rid of Aaron Brooks

3) An NBA team actually traded for Hasheem Thabeet

2) While the Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams deals got all of the publicity, the Troy Murphy / Brandan Wright / Dan Gadzuric blockbuster will be the one that totally changes the balance of power in the Association

1) Shockingly, the trade deadline actually delivered real surprises and meaningful moves

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