Monday, February 14, 2011

Top 10 Post-Super Bowl Ad Developments

Ah, my friends, there's been news in the post-Super Bowl ad-a-pa-loo-za. Ten bits of news, actually. Enjoy...

10) After the death of one of the "Never Miss A Super Bowl" club, Visa announces that they will give his surviving family a trip to Hawaii, but only if they miss his funeral

9) After a week of bad PR, Groupon apologizes, acquires more customers, and lists this mention in this blog as proof that the edgy, viral nature of the ad made it an overall win

8) Hordes of Darth Vader Kidz stealing Volkswagons through the simple use of The Force

7) Thousands of crusty fingered teenaged boys register a domain name at Go Daddy as a post-coital thank you

6) No longer possible to drink icea tea from a can without cursing like a sailor

5) "Dorito Finger" joins the Urban Dictionary lexicon as something you are desperate to avoid

4) Kim Kardashian loses her carefully cultivated image as America's virginal sweetheart

3) Future generations wonder just how the hell we took investment advice from a creepy talking baby and still had the ability to walk upright

2) After several days of feeling a little better about themselves, Detroit back to the same old same old

1) Most of the ads that people watched breathlessly now appearing in regular rotation, proving yet again how people who watch the game for the commercials might be the biggest idiots to walk the planet

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