Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Bill Belichick won the AP Coach of the Year award

10) As far as the voters can tell, he didn't cheat this year or nothin'

9) Gives Rex Ryan something else to use in transparent motivational speeches

8) By getting production out of scrappy small white guys, proved that he was a Super Genius

7) Voting clearly does not apply to playoffs

6) Raheem Morris, the second-place finisher, doesn't even have a signature clothing style

5) Somehow managed to have a good year despite a roster filled with high draft picks and a Hall of Fame level QB

4) As the only man to coach Randy Moss in 2010 not to be fired, clearly deserved some kind of award

3) Voters really respected his ability to deliver a high win count while plowing another man's wife

2) Consolation prize for his coaching tree going down in flames and losing a home playoff game where they were nearly double-digit favorites

1) If they didn't vote for him, the other NFL coaches wouldn't get the hint that the AP reporters don't appreciate it when they can't sleep through the post-game press conference

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Anonymous said...

Was this written by a thirteen year old kid?

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