Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top 10 reasons why the Eagles hired Juan Castillo to be their new defensive coordinator

10) By hiring someone who has not coached defense at the professional level, they get a guy with many, many fresh ideas

9) Wanted to make sure they didn't lose him, despite not being willing to promote him to, say, offensive coordinator

8) After the Sean McDermott Historically Bad Red Zone performance last year, ready to try something really, really different

7) Had to show all of the team's detractors that they were, in fact, loyal to a fault

6) Figure that since he spent a lot of time with the late Jim Johnson, it must have rubbed off

5) As a former linebacker, the club feels that maybe he can finally help the team get someone to play that position that doesn't make their fans pull their hair out

4) Gives Eagle Fan something to go completely overboard about before the NFL Draft, since Eagle Fan is never happier than when he's going completely overboard

3) By waiting until Super Bowl Week and Media Day to announce the highly curious signing, hope to have this pass right under the notice of the local media, who never notice things like this

2) Castillo is fluent in Spanish, which really comes in handy when coaching all of the Spanish-speaking only talent that's coming into the NFL these days

1) Figure that after the Mike Vick signing, a decade of being in the playoffs and under the cap with no championships, and a steadily deteriorating defense, their PR department can sell anything

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